Whether a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor, you’ve come to the right place.
J. Williams Real Estate includes a team of highly motivated, experienced agents ready and willing to make your next purchase one you’ll never forget.  In this hot market you want a Realtor® who truly cares and is willing to bend over backwards to make your entire experience an unforgettable success.
We’ve got your back! Our hours of operation are any time you need us, day or night. Our service to you does not end after you close on your new home, we are in it for the long haul. Our clients quickly become our friends and we are grateful for that every day. Now, let’s find YOUR Dream Home!

Step 1: Where Should I Begin?

Obtaining pre-qualification for a home mortgage should be the first step before beginning your home search.  Here are the main reasons why this is so important:
We have access to the best lending partners around town.  They can have you pre-qualified and ready to go within hours, it’s that simple! 

Step 2: Fine Tuned Home Search

Once you are pre-qualified and ready to find your new home, we will build a highly customized search portal that will pinpoint exactly what you are looking for in a new home.  Our search portal is linked directly to the NTREIS MLS database so you are assured to have the most updated and accurate list of homes available.
Most of the third party websites you’ll find online will provide you with houses, but many times these websites are outdated and leave you with false information.  Having the most updated information in this volatile market will give us the edge and ability to get to these hot new listings first! 

Step 3: Let's Make a Deal

We found YOUR new home, now let’s lock it up.  This is where our team at J. Williams Real Estate steps up to the plate and uses our extensive knowledge of this market and what it takes to win offers.  We will analyze the market data, determine your financial needs and build an offer that will stand out from the competition.
Our team has the confidence, experience and expertise that enables us to stand out in this very unique and fast-paced market that demands perfect timing, market knowledge, and the ability to present solid offers.  Our goal is to position every offer we make at the top of the sellers mind, securing the home for you but primarily, making sure you get the lowest price possible.


YES!  We have won the bid and are just a few steps away from moving into your new home!  Now it’s time to get your home inspected.
Once we get the confirmation that our offer has been accepted by the seller, we will want to get the home inspector out right away.  Home inspectors will take a comprehensive look into all aspects of your new home, inside and out – everything from the foundation, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roof and anything in between.  We want to be sure your new home is safe and move-in ready.
Don’t be alarmed with the report, though!  J. Williams Real Estate reviews inspection reports every day, and we will sit down with you to go over each item and make sure we request anything major that needs to be addressed with the seller before moving forward.  We make sure to provide you with an option period (inspection time frame) that is more than adequate to negotiate repairs or other concerns with the seller.

Step 5: The Home Stretch

We are almost there! Now that we have completed the home inspection process, all that is left is to get our home appraisal (assuming you are utilizing a mortgage to purchase). The appraisal typically happens about two weeks after we officially go under contract.
The appraisal process is the final step before closing. This process confirms to the lender that the price you have agreed to pay for the home is justified and in line with comparable home values in the area.


WE MADE IT!!! Your lender has been working hard in the background and has finally received our “clear to close”. Our team will coordinate the close time to fit your schedule.
We will meet at the title office, you will sign your loan documents, and J. Williams Real Estate will be super excited to provide you with your NEW HOME KEYS! Let the moving party begin!
We would love to answer any detailed questions you might have regarding this process.  Send us a note below and we will get back with you right away.  We want to make sure you have all your questions answered and are fully prepared before you step out and begin your home buying process.  We’d love to be there with you along the way!