Rather you’re ready to sell your home today or you’re just checking out the market, we think you are going to LOVE what we have to offer YOU!  We’re excited to share our AWESOME marketing strategies but let’s start with the main topics of “what to expect” during the process.

Step 1: Where Should I Begin?

The best place to start is by calling J. Williams Real Estate Services so we can connect you with one of our highly trained listing experts. We will set up a time at your convenience to stop by your home for a FREE consultation.  Here are a few key questions we will discuss on our visit:
After gathering up all the information, we will put together a marketing plan customized for your home and your needs. Once you review and LOVE what we have presented, we can start the listing process right away!

Step 2: Preparing Your Home for Sale

Now it’s time to begin the “make-ready” portion of selling your home. At our initial consultation, we were making notes of any items that may need to be addressed before going live with your listing. This could include items like paint touch up, de-cluttering, minor repairs and a final deep clean. 
In order to get TOP DOLLAR, we want to ensure your home is spotless and looking its absolute best! Don’t be afraid if there are several items that need to be addressed.  We have contractors that can assist in getting your home fully prepared and ready to show. 
Once everything is complete, we will have a professional photographer come by to capture your home at its best to attract potential buyers. We will handle the coordination of the project while you just sit back and relax.

Step 3: Let's Go Live!

Ok, we are all set and ready to GO LIVE! We will…
We make certain that if there is a buyer out there looking for your home, they WILL see it and come by to check it out asap.

Step 4: Time to Accept an Offer

With your home fully prepared to show, priced perfectly for the market and LIVE on the market, J. Williams Real Estate Services will have you primed and ready for offers. We will review the offers with you as they come in, and we will call the buyer’s lender to confirm they are pre-qualified and solid before making any decisions.
Once we have settled on the perfect offer, we will sign, execute and be on our way to closing!

Step 5: Home Inspection

Your home buyer will likely exercise their right to inspect the home. Not to fear, we’ve done this for a long time and know how to keep requests to a minimum and only focus on items that really need to be addressed. Again, if anything comes up that we need to address, we will help coordinate the crew and repairs so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Our closing day has come and we are ready to complete the process of selling your home. Our team at J. Williams Real Estate Services will coordinate the close time to fit your schedule. We will meet at the title office, sign off on your closing documents (15 minutes) and shortly after will be fully funded and you will get your MONEY!!
We would love to answer any detailed questions you might have regarding this process.  Send us a note below and we will get back with you right away.  We want to make sure you have all your questions answered and are fully prepared before you step out and begin your home buying process. 
We’d love to be lucky enough for the opportunity to be there with you along the way!